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year: 2022


Afrundo is composed of 2 tracks for the dancefloor that experiment with different approaches to the kick and snare of the dembow pattern, threading them with other rhythms, spaces, tempos and imaginaries of global electronica. Includes a bonus track for Bandcamp + Soundcloud.

High on cymatics

About High on cymatics

It sounds like a distant reggaeton echoing under a hot shower, competing with eerie synths and a rhythmic section reminding of the sweat of the first baile funk. An energetic and irreverent track created with Ableton, Roland SP404 sampler, Critter and Guitari’s organelle besides Buddha Kopta’s voice. Zenjiskan relates, “It came out of an experiment of layering and stretching the main sample. At first, the track was going to be an instrumental, but when Buddha Kopta heard it, we immediately tried some lyrics and found out they were elevated the track. Aqueleque’s remix also came out organically, he simply was the best candidate for it.”


About Why? / A note by Folz B.

The artist wishes to point out that, consistently with his aesthetic decision of overlap arrangements of instruments and voices, taking them to the limit in several occasions, he also has decided to take it to the limit the final audio result of his latest music work. This choice has taken his about to be released EP to sound with a degree of premeditated savagery. The purpose of this note is to warn the audience that the final result, even after its impeccable masterisation, it has intentional exagerations, especially in certain low and low mid frequencies. The above mentioned irregularities will end up resolving themselves through the development of the songs. This music does not respect any homogeneity nor label, nor musical and nor technical. Thank you very much for listening!

Shiny and used

Single + RMX Shiny and Used by NxHxR f. Shena Pala + Oblinof Remix


Xihuitl is a word that means comet in the ancient language of Náhuatl. This new release from TROPICAL TERROR is packed with experimental textures and organic layers taken from the deep Maya jungle. The ancient future sound of TROPICAL TERROR is well represented in this 3 tracks release.