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Zenjiskan & Buddha Kopta

Zenjiskan & Buddha Kopta

About Zenjiskan

Zenjiskan is Corrado Scanavino, a computer programmer and music producer based in Barcelona.
He’s focused on breaking the barriers between genres such as hip hop, electronic or world music.
After collaborating with local artists such as Filastine and releasing singles for labels such as Folcore, it is at the end of 2019 when his first reference in physical format comes out – the EP Harmonic Vision (Decibel Discos). In 2020 he self-released a mixtape called PALMS and in 2021 he showcased a new live set at Sónar CCCB. He has been hosting a radio show about beats culture and new forms of electronic music on Dublab BCN (Battuta) for five year now. In the recent past, he has managed a series of regular events focused on live electronic music under the name Beatification.

About Buddha Kopta

Buddha Kopta is a portuguese rapper, beatmaker and music producer living in Barcelona. Very influenced by the music of the 90’s, he started creating beats in 2004 and released his latest solo rap album “Intrastellar” in 2019. In 2011 he started the rap group and record label Projecto Sério, an inspiring creative space for artists from all genre where to share synergies.

Releases by Zenjiskan & Buddha Kopta

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Zenjiskan & Buddha Kopta

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Zenjiskan & Buddha Kopta