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year: 2023

Acra Navidena

Every noon on the 24th of December, his mother would start the preparations for Christmas dinner by playing an old Christmas carol record. Slothrop and his siblings had loved this as children. Over the years the repetition of the ritual had grown tiresome and tiresome. At the same time, they did not want to offend their mother’s tradition.

So one day a brother suggested to Slothrop, who was the only one who knew anything about music, that he should renew the Christmas musical repertoire, preserving the emotions and feelings that the traditional music aroused in their mother, but updating its sound palette and rhythmic cadence.

This short EP condenses Slothrop’s familiar Christmas experiment.

U Can’t See Us

U Can’t See Us is a track by two Madrid based artists, Miki Di Sancio on vocals and lyrics, and Ju-Ju on production and programming. Released by the Barcelona based label The Nü World Music.

The beat is inspired by Uruguayan candombe, while influences of synthwave and cyber punk are marked in the melodic instrumentation. The vocal synths are made with a Commodore 64.

The track is about the obvious and the invisible, about the things that are present but not discovered, about what’s hidden before your very eyes. Essence, urbanity, camouflage, action and distraction from everyday life. Whoever blinks, will never see it.


Fenta is a dark but groovy track that talks about toxicity, so latent in these times. The track is built with electronic bass, hard trap drums and raw vocals in a low fi key.

Ojos de Rana

Ojos de Rana is a soundscape with acid house and electro influences, geared towards the dance floor, but with a rather cinematic melodic journey.